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Usually dismiss as the tedious managerial area of HR, non-HR leaders frequently not recall the significance of payroll system in attracting and retaining the most basic asset – their employees.


Back in the good older days staff got a cheque at the end of the month, if they were fortunate they find a pay slip. How period has changed – salary, payment, an additional benefit, flexible profit, levy, leave, expenses, occasion and presence plus the need for self-service ability, cloud-based convenience and manifold coat of safety have all scheme to create an elegant payroll package a vital thing.



SQL Payroll Software Malaysia


SQL Payroll Software Favoured Features
SQL Payroll software brings simplicity into the complex nature of Human Resource management. This payroll software comes equipped with HR management, leave management, PCB tax calculator, and is compliant to Malaysia labour laws & government regulations.


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SQL Payroll Software

Payroll Software dispensation is an intimidating job. It needs correctness and does not greet a few spaces for the mistake. Though, among all the things you require to do it yourself, you be able to assist manually as of entrusting one at times. This fault will forever on time you to begin from the opening awaiting you obtain it correct. Providentially, you no longer require to dealing with that state. Payroll Malaysia organization is now completed easy and simple. That is courteousness of SQL Payroll.  


This Payroll Software is a trouble-free, easy to use payroll system which assists the corporation to compute their employee’s monthly pay, make pay slip, payroll synopsis & administration reports. It consists of 3 major components, HR, Payroll & Leave managing. Workers can be classified into the dissimilar section, limb, group, scheme, job and etc. Payroll assists you auto-calculate income, eventually pay, EPF & SOCSO donation & PCB. The leave organization assist you to check your employees leave information.


Payroll Processing at Its Best

SQL Payroll is the most important payroll software Malaysia products. At this time, payroll allowance is made easy. All you require to do comes in the payroll info. All from here will be take care of the system. It is like have a devoted expert’s players prepared to offer payroll system for you.  From payroll logic, you can without difficulty modify it to get the payroll information you require.  With this scheme, you have the assurance that your duty and paychecks are correct from peak to base.


Begin dispensation your payroll Malaysia online.  Now, present just 3 steps: procedure, review, and print. As one of the most excellent payroll scheme Malaysia product, SQL Payroll is covered with openness at its best.  It matchless payroll secretarial software produced to complete the payroll procedure for you. In any case of how various pays slips you require for the many staff your corporation has, it will only get you a few clicks to make and print them all.





Keeping your Payroll Software Data Secured

The payroll Malaysia software construct as well allow you to stay your payroll record practically. Your information is secure with the strong information security and protect the system is made of.


SQL Payroll also characteristic leave unit anywhere you can interactively log the depart request of your workers. Furthermore, it is included into the unit for payroll dispensation, which guarantees that your pay computation is not just up-to-date but also accurate.



Generating Payroll Report Made Easy

Payroll organization requires you to offer a lot kind of information such as the pay slip, payroll summing up, and lots of others.  With this payroll secretarial software, the case is dissimilar. The payroll Malaysia system product can generate the information you require anytime you require them. All you want to do is choose the account you want and you can have it in your hands in no time.


The payroll services that the schemes offer do not just give you with quick and simple report creation. It also assurance a correct and consistent report you can tally on.


Fewer attempt yet additional things done in correctness – that is SQL Payroll guarantees. Among this payroll Malaysia software product, you be able to simply carry the procedure for your payroll online. It will definitely make your life as the payroll group trouble-free and more suitable.


Stop creation payroll organization a burden. Payroll secretarial does not require getting all your moment. With this scheme, payroll dispensation is at its simplest yet most precise state.  Grab the scheme now and make things easier for you as you justify just that.



SQL Payroll E-Leave Malaysia



SQL Payroll Software - It's simplicity at its best.

SQL Payroll software is manufacture from the ground up approximately Payroll procedure. You be able to without difficulty procedure and make one to hundreds of workers pay slip with just a few clicks. What's more is to you can almost stay limitless payroll record and have your information secure and sound with sturdy safety and information protection.


Payroll Leave Module

SQL Payroll features a full-scale interactive chart that is able to be used to register workers depart request. The Leave unit is included with the Payroll procedure unit so you can contain modern and exact pay estimate.



Payroll Services

If you are organization up a little, average or large production you have to recognize the sense and significance of payroll services. This is a very significant as it is all concerning paying up to your variety of separation of workers. You may identify how multifaceted it is if you go up with the income division and computation by your possess.

We have a lot of option by which will be able to easily resolve down this work and a variety of others. So, are you prepared to recognize how without difficulty you can handle this clumsy task?

Choose up subcontract Payroll Services, as this is the one and only way out which will definitely assist in doing all those computation which are essential to do. For doing the similar, all you just require to have the most excellent specialized who are well versed with complete information of Payroll & HR managerial substance and very well recognize about present payroll tax laws, events and other a variety of things. Therefore, you’re in general aims to discover out the most excellent and dependable service supplier, who can without difficulty resolve down all your doubts and be able to easily provide you astonishing solution.


Payroll System Download    

SQL Payroll Software in Malaysia

Payroll processing is a daunting task. It requires accuracy and does not welcome any room for errors. However, with all the things you need to do it manually, you can help yourself from committing one sometimes. This error will always prompt you to start from the beginning until you get it right. Fortunately, you no longer need to be dealing with that situation. Payroll management is now made simpler and easier. That is courtesy of SQL Payroll.   


Payroll Processing at Its Best

SQL Payroll is the leading payroll software Malaysia products. Here, payroll processing is made easy. All you need to do is enter the payroll info. Everything from there will be taken care of the system. It is like having a dedicated expert’s team ready to provide payroll services for you.  From payroll logic, you can easily customize it to get the payroll reports you need.  With this system, you have the guarantee that your taxes and paychecks are accurate from top to bottom. 


Start processing your payroll online.  Here, there are just 3 steps: Process, review, and print. As one of the best payroll system Malaysia product, SQL Payroll is bathed with simplicity at its best.  It a unique payroll accounting software created to do the payroll process for you. Regardless of how many pays slips you need for the many employees your company has, it will only take you few clicks to create and print them all.


Keeping your Data Secured

The payroll software Malaysia product also allows you to keep your payroll history virtually. Your data is safe with the strong data protection and security the system is made of. 


SQL Payroll also features leave module where you can interactively log the leave application of your employees. Moreover, it is integrated into the module for payroll processing, which guarantees that your pay calculation is not just up-to-date but also precise.


Generating Report Made Easy

Payroll management requires you to provide many kinds of reports such as the pay slip, payroll summary, and many others. Preparing each one is frustrating and tiring.  With this payroll accounting software, the case is different. The payroll system Malaysia product can generate the reports you need anytime you need them. All you need to do is select the report you need and you can have it in your hands in no time.


The payroll services that the system provides do not just provide you with fast and easy report generation. It also guarantees an accurate and reliable report you can count on.


Less effort yet more things done in accuracy – that is what SQL Payroll guarantees. With this payroll software Malaysia product, you can easily bring the process for your payroll online. It will surely make your life as the payroll committee easier and more convenient. 


Stop making payroll management a burden. Payroll accounting does not need to take all your time. Let SQL Payroll do the work for you. With this system, payroll processing is at its simplest yet most accurate state.  Grab the system now and make things easier for you as you deserve just that.




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