TSC G210 Barcode Printer | Sticker Printing Machine | Label Printer
TSC G210 Barcode Label Printer | Barcode Printer | Label Printer
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TSC TA200 Barcode Printer / Label Printer ~ 203dpi - with LAN

TSC G210 Barcode Label Printer | Barcode Printer | Label Printer

TSC G210 Desktop Barcode Printer

Label printing is an essential need for industrial and commercial businesses. One of the most convenient and functional Barcode label printers in Malaysia is the TA200 series.

The TA200 label printer in Malaysia is a great solution that suits your label printing needs. Ever since TSC manufactures the label sticker printing machine, they featured dual gear-driven motors capable of having a 300-meter ribbon and a larger roll of media along with its sleek design for the entire 15 years of service.


The newly produced TA200 barcode printer has a printing speed of about 5 inches per second. It also has a large 5” OD internal media supply which gives you an option to opt for an external media holder that can support an 8.4” OD label rolls on the 3” cores. It has a 300-meter ribbon capacity which is the industry’s leading demand nowadays to be able to deliver a high quality and affordable cost for purchasing a thermal label printer.

The TA200 series is designed for a wide array of usage. It can print different labels used for shipping purposes as a necessary way to adhere and comply with the standard rules regarding the product identification. It serves as a sticker printer to print tags and labels of shipping boxes.


It could also be used for other applications such as walk-in mail and shipping centers, stock rooms where the inventory of products is a must, and automobile shops.


This is an affordable printer that has a high-level performance when compared to its competition.  Having a modular design, the TA200 series module can be easily removed from its printer so it can be used for printing and applying applications.


It also plays an important role in warehouses because it can be used to print item labels for inventory purposes, instruction labels or signage, and to indicate the progress of a work. It is the leading 2D barcode printer in Malaysia that helps health care centers print a label for patient and specimen identification. Pharmacies also rely on this printer to categorize medicines through proper and clear labeling.

Retail and wholesale stores also take advantage of the benefits provided by the TA200 series. It is used to print price tags, shelf labels to categorize the products and jewelry tags for easy identification.


The TA200 is guaranteed to last to avoid malfunctioning while it operates. It has a two years warranty to give you a peace of mind that the unit you are using has a high quality. Since we need to involve the advanced technology to our printing needs to have a more convenient and easy to use the unit, the TA200 is designed to support both 1D barcode and the 2D barcode.


The 2D barcode is commonly used nowadays which is easy to scan and has a broader function. TA200 can also provide this due to its advancement and functional design. If you have to invest for a high-quality barcode printer, you got the right choice if you opt for TSC G210 Desktop Barcode Printer.


Support 1D barcode & 2D barcode printing function.


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