Why Use SQL Payroll Software Malaysia?
Why Use SQL Payroll Software Malaysia?

Why Use SQL Payroll Software Malaysia?

Earlier employees use to get the cheques as salary at the end of every month, and if they are fortunate enough, they will receive the payslip immediately. However, the introduction of new technology has led to payroll processing straightforward. Most of the companies outsource their payroll management to the service providers who will gather all the details regarding the salary, bonuses, additional benefits, etc. of the employees.

Moreover, many companies use payroll software that is convenient, affordable, and easy to use. It can be used by the in-house teams of the companies to manage the salaries, bonuses, leaves, advance payments, daily wages, etc. of the employees. It also helps the top management to keep an eye on the monthly outsource of salary and bonuses or commission. For compiling all the information, the businesses in Malaysia can use SQL Payroll that is used by more than 210,000 companies. This payroll software is excellent for small to larger organizations that provide you the best business solutions that suit your requirements.


SQL Payroll Software Malaysia


Top Reasons to Use SQL Payroll

SQL Payroll caters to the needs of the industries of all types, whether you have just started or a big player in the market. The software is user-friendly and provides a precise and focused payroll of your employees without any errors. It is also a win-win situation for the businesses as the team members do not have to calculate the payroll manually of each employee.

Moreover, the software is designed from the ground up around the Payroll process. The users can quickly process and print the payslip of the employees from one to hundred with just one click. Moreover, the company’s team can virtually store the extensive payroll history of hundreds to thousands of its employees. They can keep the data safe and sound with reliable data and security protection software. Let us now see a few top reasons to use the accounting payroll software in Malaysia.

  1. Provides Monthly Payroll Process

The unique things about this feature are:

  • Speedy Payroll Processing: It offers quick and easy monthly payroll processing, and the management can view each earning breakdown on an intuitive display.
  • Come Under Local Legislations: This software is compliant with all the local legislations based in Malaysia like SOCSO, KWSP, LHDN, etc. It automatically calculates the EIS, EPF, HRDF, SOCSO, and PCB (with the latest contribution rates).
  • Batch Email: It sends individual payslips batch-wise with this feature and is secured as well.
  • Flexibility: It also offers flexible amendments to process the payroll anytime and anywhere with real-time and accurate recalculations.
  • Work Out Pending Payroll Transactions: You can enter overtime, bonus, leaves, tax benefits, etc. in advance and incorporate them later into the final payroll of the particular month.
  • Possess Necessary Report Forms: It also contains essential statutory report forms like SOCSO Borang 8A, EPF Borang A, EIS Lampiran 1, and PCB Income Tax CP39. Moreover, it also contains Employee Forms EA and the employer Form E. The companies can also make e-submissions through SQL Payroll Software.
  • Processing at Month-end: The multiple month-end salaries can be processed during or at the month-end for various groups of employees.
  • Provide Management Report: The businesses can get customized management reports related to payroll processing. So, the management can get comprehensive payroll summary, payslips, cheque listing, credit bank report, and HRDF report.


  1. Management of Employees Leaves

Here’s why to use the SQL Payroll Malaysia:

  • Manage Leaves: The Payroll HR Software manages various types of leaves like annual leaves, unpaid leaves, medical leaves, and much more. In addition, you can customize and manage more leaves that are related to your business.
  • View Your Leaves: By using the calendar mode feature, the employees and even employers can view their leave applications and manage them as well.
  • Create Leave Groups: The HR can set the number of leaves the groups of employees are entitled to from each department. The groups for management, employees, and contract workers can be calculated separately.
  • Bring Forward Employees Annual Leaves: With this payroll software, HR can bring forward the leaves of the previous year to the next year. The users have to set the maximum number of days, and the system will accomplish the rest of the work.
  • Set Up the Unpaid Leave Formula: This SQL Software Malaysia helps in setting up the unpaid leave formula in the software interface. You just have to select the days from the calendar month as given according to the Labor law. Even it can be custom set to 26 days. The HR must set the number of days on the calendar month according to the Labor Law compliance only.

The SQL Payroll consists of a comprehensive and complete set of leave reports. It includes a leave balance report, leave application report, yearly leave report, and leave entitlement report.


SQL Payroll E Leave


  1. Get SQL E-Leave App

This is another excellent reason to choose this Payroll software. Its features include:

  • Payslip Details on the App: The employees can view their payslips from the past months on this E-Leave app. Employees can check the salary details, allowances, deductions, bonuses, and much more.
  • Personal Employee Dashboard: Forget printing your applications, as you can apply your leaves through this App from anywhere and at any time. The employees can check their leave status on their mobile and get an alert after their leave has been sanctioned.
  • Seamless E-Filing Process: You can get unlimited access to the records of your EA forms. It will make the E-filing process on LHDN smooth and easy.
  • Provide Manager Dashboard: Another great thing about this SQL E-Leave App is that the managers can check pending leaves for approval and keep an eye on the daily attendance. Moreover, the manager even can apply for leave on behalf of the employees working under you. It also helps in generating leave balance and leave application reports.


SQL Payroll Software Malaysia


  1. Other Remarkable Features

Its other great features include the following that makes SQL Payroll the first choice for the businesses in Malaysia.

  • Provision of HR Software Package: This payroll software package consists of a confirmation letter, appointment letter, assessment letter, increment letter, termination letter, and many other letter formats. These all are excellent in the HR Management system as well.
  • Limited Access to Payroll Software: The top management can limit the access of the HR and other employees to access the payroll of the executives. Like, the HR manager only has the right to process the management level salaries, and the staff can only view it and not possess any access.
  • Process Adhoc Employees Payments: The payroll of permanent employees and Adhoc workers needs to prepare separately. This software provides a distinct feature of processing salaries, bonuses, commission of the Adhoc employees.
  • Include Income Tax Calculator: This software has a unique feature of calculating all the necessary taxes that you need to pay. But, the HR Manager can always use the Income Tax Calculator to cross-check the payroll entries that are recorded by you.
  • Manage the Loans: You can now manage the loans taken by the employees with the use of this software. The SQL Payroll software will auto deduct the loan from the salaries of the employees based on the repayment period and the repayment rate set up by the accounts department. By using this software, the employees can check their loan repayment history too.
  • Records from Unlimited Years: The unlimited payroll records of the employees and employers are recorded in the SQL payroll. You can effortlessly reprint the previous year’s payroll details or the EA Form or the information from any of the years. This software proves useful when the business is going through a PCB audit.
  • Import Data and Process the Payroll Frequency: HR can import the data and integrate the attendance from any time of the year in the CSV or MS-Excel formats. Even you can set the processing of payroll to be weekly or bi-monthly. The system will automatically process all the salaries accordingly.
  • Get Mykad Reading: The employers no longer have to retrieve the employee’s information manually. You can use the Mykad reader to get all the necessary details and fill the employee master form within a few seconds.
  • Integration with Time Management System: It can be integrated well with most of the time attendance systems. This Payroll Software calculates the allowances, leaves, OT, etc. without any mistake and any external interference.
  • Provide the Government Report: It provides all type of government reports that are required by the Malaysian government according to the Labor Law compliance. It includes SOSCO Borang 2, Income Tax CP39, EIS Borang 1, CP 159, and much more.


SQL Payroll is one of the fastest payroll processing software that provides first-hand information to the businesses. Moreover, this payroll software comes power-packed with excellent features and can process your work easily as well. Even the companies receive unlimited free monthly payroll training directly from the representatives. You also receive support from the customer care executives if anything technically goes wrong.

The technical support team of the SQL Payroll is well-trained to impart training as assistance to the employees of the organizations every month. This software has many training centers across Malaysia to impart support to the businesses employees. Moreover, the support team uses the advanced tools and software to provide training. You can receive complete assistance through phone, remote access, and email.

We also offer a free demo or onsite consultation. Call our experts today to know how we can transform your Payroll system.