X-Retail Point of Sales (POS) System Software

X-Retail Point of Sales (POS) System Software
X-Retail Point of Sales (POS) System Software X-Retail Point of Sales (POS) System Software
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Retail Business Suitability
Designed for Microsoft Windows platform X-Retail is suitable for any retail businesses. Its user-friendliness, easy to learn, and feature rich characteristics have been well received by our customers.

Features can be tailored to fit any retail business. Functional buttons can be turned on/off, re-arranged, re-named or password protected.

Performance & Stability are X-Retail’s design priority. Using both MS SQL and Visual Foxpro databases X-Retail requires minimum technical support and its data is truly scalable, facilitating your future growth and expansion.

X-Retail can be used in both single-counter & multi-counters networked environments. 

Click on the left panel to find out more about X-Retail’s features & functionalities, and how it can benefit you.


Pharmaceutical Store
Many pharmacists are using X-Retail to manage their counter sales, credit sales to clinics, purchases from suppliers, transferring of drugs from branch to branch, stock take by location such as by rack or shelf, and stock control.

One important feature X-Retail offers is Multi Unit-of-Measurement (UOM). For instance, X-Retail helps pharmacists to purchase in bulk (e.g. a box of 1000 strips). Each strip contains 20 tablets. And you want the choice of selling by tablets, strips, and box. On top of that, you want stocks level to be controlled by box and tablets. X-Retail has the solution for you.

Another critical feature is the Expiry Date. X-Retail is able to inform you what drugs are expiring in the next 30 days, and their quantity. You also can record expiry date during sales. This is for drug recall purposes.

Customer database or a Patients database can be included to record customers’ particulars and purchase history.


Fashion/Apparel Store
X-Retail is perfectly fit for fashion retailers for apparels & shoes. It has specific features built-in offering you the choice to manage stock either at Article level, or up to Color & Size level (i.e. Matrix Control), which is more detailed.

Matrix Control is used throughout X-Retail. Issue of purchase order, receiving of goods based on purchase order, stock allocation by multi-dimensional matrix i.e. outlets, color & size! Issue of delivery order, stock transfer, reporting and many more, are all using Matrix Control. 

Matrix Control also helps you generate barcodes easily and quickly because you just need to create the article, specify how many colors & sizes you have, and click process. That simple!

Barcode labels can also have color & size printed to ease searching of goods.


Book/VCD Store

X-Retail has a perfect search feature for any book store or VCD stores. You can key in multiple search criteria in one go, or search by nested criteria. 

For instance, you can carry out a search of book by language, category, author, and publisher simultaneously. Alternatively, you can search by language, then by category, then author, then keywords and etc. to search in anyway you like.

Location of goods can also be specified onto X-Retail so that it can facilitate you of where about your book/VCD is at. This feature is useful provided you have stringent control on physically placing your goods.

During sales, books/VCD can be reserved, by means to taking some deposit, and later, items can be collected at a different branch and carry out balance settlement at the other branch.


Convenience Store
X-Retail is a wonderful system that helps convenience and grocery retailers to provide unmatched personal services to its customers. 

For instance, its “Suggest Sell” feature facilitate you to increase the value of a sale by suggesting related product lines. When Suggest Sell is turned on, system will display related items to convert your cashier into a promoter!

Meanwhile, the “Loyalty Program” or “Membership” feature allows you to record customers purchases with option to accumulate Purchase Points, which allow future redemption of points. This will motivate customer return to your store. 

Direct Mailing feature, based on the loyal customer database, can be used as a marketing tool for capturing mind share or for stock clearance & etc.


Electrical Store
If you are selling cooker, dishwasher, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, fridges & freezers, microwaves, cameras, telephones, audio and video products, and etc., X-Retail is for you.

Capturing of serial number by typing and barcode scanning is done at point-of-sales and warranty period will run according to date of purchase.

This will facilitate searching of return/reject goods from customer and identify if goods are within warranty period.

Home Delivery feature allows recording of customer’s delivery address after point-of-sales. Records will be printed as a Delivery Order for your driver.

Of course, additional delivery charges at POS, which is optional, can be included.


If you are loosing track of stocks being consigned to customers, X-Retail can track it back for you.

Apart from handling PoS, X-Retail has a complete business model for consignor. You can manage stock at consignment counters, manage sales promoters and their commission, keep track of stock over/shortages, and etc. It can also keep track of who (you or consignment customer) should bear the losses based on consignment contract.

Losses and consignment customers’ margin will be reflected on X-Retail’s Consignment Invoice. Margin for each customer can be set according to brand and category such as Mark down item, Best Buy, Super Best Buy, and etc. 

Ultimately, X-Retail ensures your inventory are being speedily allocated & distributed to consignment counters as well as outlets for sales, while at the same time, ensure speedy billing to consignment customers.


When combine all previous solutions i.e., pharmaceutical, fashion, book/VCD, and etc. together, X-Retail is designed for supermarket players.

X-Retail’s strongest features lies in its stability & flexibility in designing creative sales promotions. You can design promo such as (i) Buy X and Y get Z free or get Z at 50% off. (ii) Buy 2 of X and get Z at $1.00. (iii) Multi-tier promo i.e., the more you buy the cheaper it gets. (iv) Blanket promo. (v) Happy Hour. And many more.

Most importantly, cashier can be relieved from memorizing the scanning sequence of promotional items. With X-Retail you can scan in any sequence or any order. Promotion will kick off automatically and promo description will be printed on receipt for easy traceability.

On top of these, X-Retail can be integrated to digital weighing scales machines for selling of perishable goods such as meat, fish & veggie.

Lastly, extensive supermarket reports are ready for use.

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