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Motorola Symbol LI4278 Cordless Bar Code Scanner
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Motorola Symbol LI4278 Cordless Bar Code Scanner

The innovative Symbol LI4278 Bluetooth®-enabled cordless bar code scanner delivers superior data capture anywhere in the workplace. Its multi-line rastering pattern eliminates the need for exact aim, enabling scanning within a 50-ft (15-m) radius and allowing operator extra room to move. This laser handheld device excels in retail, healthcare or light industrial environments, boosting productivity and profitability.


Features and Benefits :

Integrated Bluetooth
Ensures secure wireless transmission of data.

Multi-line rastering scan pattern
Eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning.

Remote scanner management (RSM)
Allows users to discover, provision and upgrade devices from a central remote location.

Long-life industrial charging contacts
Yield reliable performance, rated to 250,000 insertions.

Patented, single circuit-board
Eliminating a major source of vulnerability and keeps down operating costs.

Wide working range
Reads good- and poor-quality bar codes at similar ranges, reducing the need for extra scanning movement.

Superior motion tolerance
Eliminates the need to pause between scans.

Tough design
Withstands 5-ft/1.5-m drops onto concrete, reducing downtime from breakage.

Powered through host cable
Simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a power supply.


Motorola Symbol LI4278 Cordless Barcode Scanner

If you are looking for a top quality cordless barcode scanner, Motorola Symbol LI4278 is the perfect choice that you should consider and use. This product has the ability to deliver excellent data capture anywhere in the workplace. It has multi-line pattern that can eliminate the requisite for exact target, allowing scanning within 15m radius and agreeing operator additional room to move. The best thing about this product is that it excels in light industrial or healthcare and retail environments, boosting profitability and productivity.

Benefits and Features

  • Powered through host cable- It simplifies installation in a form of eliminating the need for power supply.
  • Strong Design- The product can withstands 5ft or equivalent to 1.5m drops onto concrete, reducing the downtime from breakage.
  • Excellent Motion Tolerance- This product has the ability to eliminate the need to pause between scans.
  • Wide working collection- The product reads poor and good quality barcodes. It simply means that it can reduce the requisite for additional scanning movement.
  • Single, Patented Circuit-board- This product can eliminate a major source of vulnerability and at the same time it keeps down the operating costs.
  • Long-life Industrial Charging Contacts- The yield reliable performance of this product is rated to 250,000 insertions.
  • Remote Scanner Management- This product allows the users to discover provision and at the same time upgrade devices from a central remote location.
  • Multi-line rastering scan pattern- The product has the ability to eliminate the need for positioning and exact aim.
  • Integrated Bluetooth- This product ensures secure wireless transmission of data.


  • Motorola Symbol LI4278 is considered as one of the most reliable brands on the market. They have different models that customers can choose from. For this reason, the facility will best serve you in the event that the right one is chosen.
  • The best way to tackle this is to identify your needs and how you want it to function for you. For example, if your business schedules require that you will be moving the device from one working environment to the other or you are one of those who will like to use it quite frequently, you should be in the know of what will be suitable for you.



  • The product comes with an expensive price.


In as much as this is one of the brands to choose from, you may also have to compare the other available ones to get more insights as to what to choose. The fact of the matter is that the name of a brand alone can be influential on the cost of the product. In any case, you are likely to choose Motorola Symbol LI4278 due to the many benefits and excellent features you stand to enjoy. 

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