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Zebra | Symbol | Motorola
Zebra | Symbol | Motorola
Zebra | Symbol | Motorola

Are you looking for Zebra Barcode scanner? Perhaps you are looking for a wireless scanner. Well, you are on the right page for the matter.


History of Zebra Barcode Scanner

Zebra Technologies is located in Illinois, USA. The company manufactures and sell tracking, computer printing and marking technologies. Their main products are thermal barcode label, RFID smart label printers, receipt printers and all other printers that can be used for barcode labeling. Zebra barcode is used in all major industries.

Symbol Scanner

Symbol Technologies History

Physicist Shelley A and Jerome Swartz are two co-founders of the Symbol Technologies, and they founded the company in 1973. In the beginning, the company starts focusing on laser-based scanning bar codes. Then the company started working for the retail industry; its main focus was inventory management. The company started manufacturing small computers why can scan stored data. They then upload the data to the required system. Symbol technologies work on frequency hopping.  The symbol technologies can transfer data with agility and robustly and at higher speeds.


In the meantime symbol also sold PC cards and radios for various OEM’s companies and distribution labels like 3COM, Nokia and Intel.  The big giants in the industry Like Apple Inc. and Cisco also searching for a technology that will be commercially advantageous for boosting up their business. Cisco, on the other hand, also acquire the help of different companies in the wired infrastructure field this ultimately showed up as a strong point for the label in the running market. Different retail supermarkets like used zebra Bar Code Scanner Kroger, Walmart and Safeway, and many others.


Zebra Barcode Scanner


Zebra Technologies History

Since the inception of Zebra Technolgy in 1969 which turned out to be a company that manufactures high-speed electromechanical products. In around 1982 the company changed the focus and aim of the company to the labeling and ticketing system which were in demand. The named turned into Zebra Technologies Corporation in 1986. It became a publically recognized company in 1991. Outsourcing of the company enhanced in the towards major companies to Jabil Circuit in Guangzhou, in China,


With time, the company grew in respect of expanding of the business. In 1998 a great merger between Zebra Technology and Eltron Internation Inc. was carried out. In 2000 acquisition of Comtec Information System was followed by Atlantek, Inc. Company in 2003. 2004 was a year when the company label was established and long-drawn-out into RFID smart label manufacturing.  SWecoin, WhereNet Corp, Proveo AG and Navis Holdings were also required in the following year.


Till the year 2019, Zebra Technologies acquired Temptime Corporation, a provider of monitoring devices for the temperature towards health sectors was acquired.


Zebra Barcode Scanner

Zebra Barcode scanners are designed for scanning. These bar code scanners fulfill the scanning needs and demands of different applications.  Zebra Bar code scanners can perform at high speeds to meet the requirements of the businesses. Choose zebra barcode scanners to increase the efficiency of your system.


Motorola Symbol Scanner

Motorola | Zebra Barcode Scanner or Barcode Reader

A price scanner is a usual item in almost every store we came by. That is because they make the business more efficient and productive in their day-to-day operations. Scan barcode products are therefore necessary for them. However, you should not just pick the first QR barcode scanner your eyes landed on. You should be getting no less than the best.  When you are looking for barcode scanner Malaysia products, the offer from Motorola should be topping your list.


Feature of Motorola | Zebra Wireless Barcode Scanner

Motorola barcode scanner is a wireless scanner with great features. It can capture your data accurately in just a blink of an eye and improve the productivity of your business. Whether you are looking for a code scanner for your retail’s point of sale or you need one for the inventory in your warehouse, we have the barcode reader Malaysia product that you are looking for.   We have the right Motorola QR barcode scanner that you need regardless of your environment and needs.  We have a vast barcode scanner Malaysia selection that you can choose from anytime you want.


Barcode Scanner Capturing the Data that Matters Most

With the Motorola wireless barcode scanner in your hands, you can easily capture the data that matters most to your business – as accurately and fast as possible.

Code scanners work in different environments and can be used for a variety of applications. Regardless of what you need it for, the wireless scanner from Motorola can definitely do the job for you in precision.

The days when you need to record all your sales manually are gone. Technology has taken over and it is imperative that you get the best. When it comes to barcode reader Malaysia products – Motorola is a brand that you can trust. Rest assured that they create high-quality items that you can always rely on.  The QR barcode scanner they are offering is the definitely worth your money.


Do More with Motorola Barcode Scanner

Discover how you can improve the productivity in your business with the wireless scanner from Motorola. A code scanner can allow you to cut your costs while saving more of your time. The barcode scanner Malaysia products that we are offering here guarantee that your business can now do more and achieve more.

With the upgraded technology that the code scanner has, transform the experience that your customer will get in your retail shop.  If you are a caregiver, you can also use it to facilitate your interaction with your patient. If you want speed control, track the medication or you want to control in your inventory – the QR barcode scanner can provide you with the solution you need.  

If you are looking for barcode scanner Malaysia products specifically for a wireless scanner, Motorola Barcode Scanner should be the item to get. Grab the code scanner today and enjoy the benefits that you will be getting from it. Let your business become more productive and give it the growth it needs. 


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