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Zeoniq POS System
Zeoniq POS System
Zeoniq POS System

Detailed Insight Into Zeoniq POS System

The Point Of Sales System or POS System is the center of every business. It is the hub where all the organizational things are stored like sales, inventory, customer purchases, etc. It helps companies to perform well. With many POS Systems available in the market, it is necessary to choose the one that shows well and includes versatile features. Zeoniq is an emerging Cloud POS System that runs on multiple platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. Moreover, this POS system is secured through new international security laws devised for industries.

Moreover, the Zeoniq POS system provides an end-to-end platform that links up the company’s clients with their end-users. Furthermore, the POS system of Zeoniq is developed by a team of expert developers. It also offers practical solutions and technologies to tackle the challenges faced by businesses and to achieve higher profitability and productivity. Zeoniq works remarkably like the best restaurant POS system as it facilitates smooth and straightforward operations of your outlet.

Top Reasons to Choose Zeoniq POS System

Zeoniq is an innovative POS solution provider that works excellently for all types of businesses irrespective of their size. Moreover, it is a cost-effective and affordable Cloud POS System. Evoloper Sdn, incorporated in 2015, develops it. Bhd. Besides, the company has a flourished market of SaaS or Software-as-a-Service, retail, and F&B industries. Below are a few reasons to choose the Zeoniq POS System:

  1. Customized and Flexible Restaurant Order Screen

Restaurant owners can possess a tailored and flexible restaurant order screen. It works according to your business requirements as it can be customized and works excellently for the touch and the non-touch screens. Moreover, it can be used seamlessly by the F&B and Retail sectors as well as the right and left-handed people. Even many customized options for stocks, inventory, business customers, etc. can be designed that fits easily for the company.

  1. Safe and Secured POS System

The high-level security works well for this restaurant POS system as security and safety of the users are given the main priority. The authentication and security of this system work as under:

  1. It has a 3A security system for authentication, accounting, and authorization. Here, the user authentication is integrated with the fingerprint sensor and the magnetic cards for the added security.
  2. Your data will be transferred with 2048-bit encryption through trusted SSL.
  3. The security authentication and integration are done with the hardware for audit report logging and for other activities that are performed in the POS system.
  4. The owners can assign the authority of the features to the employees according to the requirements. If there is something that the management does not want to share with the employees or the restaurant staff, then it can be hidden in the POS Menu. Like the salary of the employees or the profitability of the restaurant.
  5. As it provides comprehensive audit function logging, so it gives an insight into all the functions wherever tracing is required.


  1. The Functionality of Advanced Promotion Engine

This POS system for restaurants is also equipped with the advanced promotion engine and provides standard logics that can be used easily. In case if it does not fit with the company’s policy, then they can customize it as well. It includes the following:

  1. Automatic discount showed on the items
  2. Tier discount is shown based on the product quantity purchased
  3. Displays happy hour or weekend sales
  4. Buy 1 and Get 1 free display shown on the products
  5. Mix and match promotions are also shown in this POS system. For example, if the customer purchases a combo meal, then they can avail 50% discount on the beverages.
  6. Displaying the bundle pricing on this system like the customers can purchase 1 small burger meal+ 1 wrap for $70.
  7. Moreover, it shows a discount on shopping limits like if the consumer orders meals worth $500, then they can avail $60 off or get 30% off too.
  8. Moreover, the sales analysis of the products is carried out through the promotional codes and the marketing events as done by the restaurants.


  1. Ultimate Features for the Foods and Beverages

Another excellent reason to opt for Zeoniq is that it offers unique features for the F&B sector too:

  1. It helps with the table management
  2. Moreover, it helps the restaurant business owners for the kitchen slip printing
  3. The POS System also offers flexible combos and modifiers


  1. Compatible on Multiple Platforms

This system is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android. The owners can use it on their Smartphone or iPhone as it presents a fully compatible mobile view too. Moreover, it is fully responsive to the mobile apps developed for the POS systems. Even it supports the cloud also, so there is no difficulty regarding the security and storage of the essential documents. This feature also gives an advantage to the owners to manage their business from anywhere and at any time and from any location.

  1. Other Comprehensive Features

The restaurant POS system Zeoniq has many versatile features that make it an excellent option for the restaurant owners. They are as under:

  1. The POS System provides versatile options to control the manual discounts, the taxes, and the payment modes, and also configure with the retail management system.
  2. It does work according to the POS Standards
  3. This system supports the multi-currency and the multi-language to help the owners across the globe. Zeoniq is working towards expanding globally.
  4. This system can print various reports through the receipt printer.
  5. The up-gradation is auto-detected and executed by the system to ensure that the POS is always running with the latest features. There is no need to carry out the manual upgrading of the POS system.
  6. The restaurant owners get the dashboard for quick information. They get the details about a variety of things like inventory, stock, sales and purchases of the products, the influx of customers, and much more.
  7. The owners get the quick analysis at the glance as the POS system provides a great graphing structure. Moreover, it provides custom analysis and pivot report that is exportable to the Excel.
  8. The owners can also design reports with dynamic grouping and filtering. Even the pivot report with the dynamic filtering is also carried out with the dimension configuration.
  9. The Zeoniq POS System also provides mall integration with most of the outlets that are the franchise of the main restaurant.


  1. Seamless Customer Experience Management

The Zeoniq POS system also provides seamless consumer management. It offers full integration with the CXM system that helps the owners to know about the consumer interaction with the business in its whole lifecycle. Furthermore, it facilitates companies to provide offers and details about the products and services depending on the customers’ interest. Moreover, it also provides details about the points and stamps collection done by the consumer during the purchases made.

A provision of the dashboard will display the purchase details to the customers, and one can make reports in the event of late delivery of their orders. This POS system is a complete package for the restaurant owners and the customers as it not only supports the owners but the customers to get first-hand information about the sales and purchases, respectively.

  1. Hassle-Free Upgrades

The businesses can upgrade the restaurant POS system without any hassles. It provides up-to-date solutions for managing the POS system. It will help them to carry out their business activities with ease and smooth operation of inventory or stock that needs to be purchased or sold out to the end-users.

  1. Staff Training

Zeoniq provides complete training to the staff about the working of the POS system. The Company offers full support for the restaurant and business owners as well as their staff about the functioning of this system. Moreover, you can contact their representatives for complete assistance through phone, e-mail, or remote access. The training is provided to help the staff to become abreast with the new platforms and techniques used in the advanced Zeoniq POS system.

  1. Full Comparison

Another great reason to opt for this POS system is that it provides a graphical comparison to the owners about productivity and profitability. You can get a quick analysis with the help of the charts to know how to increase your sales and which stock to keep intact to grow more sales. Even this system provides full comparison by the last month, last year, and outlet wise too. It also supports aggregations and chart dimensions too. As this is web and mobile compatible, so the owners can access their dashboard from anywhere without any hassle. You just have to possess a speedy internet connection for the same.

Final Words

Zeoniq POS system is in the market for much time but with its global expansion, it is getting more and more customers. The great thing about this system is that it provides advanced POS features at an affordable price. Moreover, the businesses have to pay only a flat subscription fee for possessing this system. There are no other charges for the server or for maintenance, which is its main advantage. Even the features provided in this system are advanced, which makes this POS a complete package for the startups, small, medium, or even large-sized outlets. You can get complete information with just one click sitting anywhere and at any moment.

Let your customers feel the seamless experience and grow your retail business with us. For more details or schedule a free demo, contact our experts at info@rzbarcode.com

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